zillahspliffah (zillahspliffah) wrote in leanmeankeen,

Well this is the welcome!

Hi, I am yr mod, I am Zillah and am 24.

Ht 5'8"
CW 116p
BMI 17.2

HW 135
LW now

GW 100p/47kg = BMI 16.5

I have a MH history, was diagnosed BPD, spent time locked up in hospital. Used to self harm more but been 'stable' for 3yrs now. But lost 10kg in those yrs and its suddenly accelerated rapidly. Its my control. I have been taking benzos recently too. I used to take too many.

Bit tired to write more just now.

Was going to post photos but they are 5 pounds wrong now so need to do new ones. Thoses old ones can be found at my own LJ in a post a few weeks back.

I used to be a member of a message board community for teens who self harmed/had depression. It was called Kipsgarage. Its dead now. I miss it.
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